Where can I find gay places in Delhi

Again, these venues cater to people of a very specific socio-economic status. Best Night Clubs in Delhi? Delhi metro last gays coach Blogger.

Indian Subcontinent. With Section being struck down, there is much cause to celebrate for the community and its allies. There are also several private or closed Facebook groups in most Indian cities, including Delhi, through which members of the community organise, plan events and share general camaraderie.

Where can I find gay places in Delhi этом

This is one of the oldest public cruising areas of Delhi, albeit a little seedy now. You will find the park teeming with gay people on Sunday evening, when many people descend to the park to meet friends and hang out.

Calicut Railway station There are persons in this world that you haven't met yet should you go to Calicut Railway station you are able to start by meeting several of the most entertaining ones. On Sunday evenings, the gardens are rocking with over a hundred men Where can I find gay places in Delhi around, waiting, looking and just checking out the scene.

Delhi During your visit to Delhi Indiaor even if you are a local. If you are new and you don't know anything about Asia, essentially the most necessary tip is to be aware of the principal laws and customs.

Travel Travel website Delhi for Travel. Rob S. Also, be warned that a day's usage of the facilities could easily set you back Rs. Site Map. Cruising in the Virtual Space Connaught Place, specifically Nehru Park and the park above Palika Bazaar, were until recently known cruising spots for queer men or trans persons and were typically frequented by men looking to have intercourse with other men.

The area is badly lit which kind of makes it ideal to move about in relative anonymity.

Where can I find gay places in Delhi

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